Essential Oils for Health & Wellbeing

Our bodies go through a big emotional and physical journey in a single day. Essential oils can help us regulate and maintain our well-being – so we are in tune with our bodies.

Oils from Doterra

As a mum and a nature-loving person, I am often confronted with the question of whether the use of pharmaceuticals is necessary for coughs, flu or similar illnesses. I am very grateful that conventional medicine exists, but also convinced of the self-healing powers of our body. Through a therapist I discovered the Doterra oils many years ago. The effectiveness of the oils and the simplicity of using them convinced me more and more. . I began to integrate the oils more and more into my everyday life. Today, I can’t imagine my life as a woman and a mum without the world of Doterra oils.

If you would like to learn more about Doterra products and their effectiveness, feel free to write to me.

Doterra Öle Isabella Bumann