I want to help my clients to connect with their heart so that they can truly feel what their needs are.

Isabella Bumann

Yoga Saas Fee

Do something good for yourself

Just take a break! ! In my yoga classes in Saas Fee we focus on the well-being of body and soul. The classes combine the powerful Yang and the soft Yin. I also offer retreats, yoga weekends and yoga weeks in the extraordinary mountain world of Saas-Fee. With yoga, our breath, meditation and lots of time in nature we recharge our batteries and come back to our true nature. In the Valais towns of Visp and Brig I offer regular workshops where you can deepen your yoga practice on various interesting topics.

Yoga Saas-Fee, Yoga in der Natur
Isabella Bumann Yoga, Yogatherapie
Yoga Saas-Fee, Meditation
Yogatherapie, Isabella Bumann Yoga

Yogatherapy: Activate your self healing

What unhealthy posture patterns, life circumstances, behaviors and habits have unbalanced your health? With a holistic and highly individualised approach, we explore this question and find an appropriate program to restore your balance.

Essential Oils

From my own experiences as a woman and a mother, I am always fascinated by how great essential oils can support our well-being and healing. For every ailment, there is a herb or plant. For my own health and that of my family, I use Doterra oils daily.

Yoga Saas-Fee, Aetherische Oele
Aetherische Oele Doterra, Yoga Saas-Fee

About me

As a trained yoga teacher and yoga therapist, mother of three, and nature-loving free spirit, I help people (re)find their own balance with yoga.

Yoga makes
me a better and
happier person.

Isabella Bumann